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Spray-on probiotic treatment for minor skin abnormalities caused by mud fever, rain scald and thrush.

Welcome to the EquineCare Probiotic website, your one-stop shop for a safe, natural and effective treatment for your horse or ponys minor skin conditions.

Our formula has been designed to treat minor bacterial and fungal infections topically, using a proprietary blend of probiotic micro-organisms.

Our approach has always focused on ease of use and your animals comfort, health and well-being, and we encourage you to give it a try!

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What our Customers have to say

  • This is such is a amazing product, for years we have had ongoing issues with our horse getting minor thrush on her hoofs. In just a month she’s had great frog regrowth and the thrush is gone. I would highly endorse this product. Thanks so much Donna we now have a very happy horse

    @Michelle Quin
  • I’ve used this on minor greasy heel . Great product. Takes all the hard work and stress out of treating greasy heal or Rain scald . No kicking horses, no bandaging, no scrubbing, no washing. Just spray on and watch results . 

    @Stephanie Wooldridge
  • We were at a loss of how to help our pony with his minor skin condition, we tried this product and the change in only a few weeks is amazing! He is no longer getting flaky skin everywhere. sooo impressed! we will be using this product for a long time to come. Thank you EquineCare Probiotic!

    @Marissa June Tregonning