We are very proud of our small but select group of sponsored riders.

All are talented and well respected equestrians, who love and are a good fit with our EquineCare Probiotic brand. 

Brea Walker

Notable Achievements
Puhinui International 3DE 1* Champion 2020
NZPCA A Certificate (Honours) and H Certificate
NZPCA Young Achievers Award 2020
NZPCA Young Coach of the Year Nominee 2020
Rider/Groom for Sir Mark Todd 2019
Working Student for William Fox-Pitt 2019
D, D+ and C ECTP Coaching Qualification
Assistant Head Coach Wainoni Park Pony Club 2019 - 2021
Senior Coach Wainoni Park Pony Club 2019 - 2021
Senior Coach Coatesville Pony Club 2019 - 2020
WRAPC Rider Representative 2018 - 2019
ORO Equestrian Young Rider Jumping Scholarship
Recipient 2018
Rider for Sam Mynott Eventing 2018
Featured Extra/Rider on Mystic (CBBC TV Series) - 2021

Professional Development


Why EquineCare?
I am passionate about working with NZ based companies and supporting
Having used EquineCare Probiotic Spray for the last 6 months I have seen
the incredible results myself and love sharing the results with others.
Two of the horses I have at the moment have incredibly sensitive skin in
both summer and winter so being able to use a product I trust and
KNOW works is so important.
Using a natural and non-toxic spray which gets rid of the bad bacteria by
colonising with good microbes means it leaves my horses with healthy
skin and hooves. Not stripping them of all beneficial microbes.
I love using Equine Care Probiotic Spray as a preventative as well after XC
especially when skin tends to get irritated in the hot conditions.
I never go anywhere without it now! Such a versatile spray!


Sue Pennington

Sue’s lessons focus on improving both horse and rider biomechanics, increasing the rider’s awareness and understanding of what is happening in their body and in their horse’s body, and how to change these “not so useful” patterns. The horse’s biomechanics are improved by utilising arena patterns, exercises (mounted and unmounted), groundwork and polework exercises. Focusing on both rider and horse biomechanics results in improved symmetry, well being and enhanced performance of both rider and horse.



Accredited Rider Biomechanics Coach and ESNZ Registered Coach. Gymnastic Polework Sessions and Clinics. Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country Lessons. Unmounted Rider Biomechanics Sessions (Rider Balance and Stability). Franklin Method Equestrian - Franklin Ball Certified. Groundwork / Inhand Sessions. Mounted/Unmounted Rehabbing and Prehabbing Sessions for horses. Online Video Sessions. Online Video Assessment and Feedback Sessions. Customised One on One Sessions in person or online. Clinics (Including Video Reviews). Telerein Sessions.