EquineCare Probiotic Topical 500ml

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EquineCare Probiotic is a topical spray for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions caused by mud fever and rain scald. The spray aids treatment by introducing billions of beneficial microbes that outcompete the pathogens causing the condition. It needs to be sprayed daily (if possible) until the infection is cleared.

We recommend the 500ml if treating a smaller fungal or bacterial infection or thrush. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Cynthia Lightfoot
Great product

Cleared my 30 year old quaterhorse mare in about 10 days. TB gelding was worse, but this worked wonders on him too. Results were unbelievable. Still need another bottle for the last patches on his rump.

Thanks for your review Cynthia...glad to hear it helped two of your horses. It's been a crazy summer weather wise which hasn't helped with skin conditions.

Wendy Glentworth
Equinecare probiotic

I have been using this product for approx 21 days now. I had been trying other products that had worked in the past to get rid of mud rash that covered my mares feetlock but nothing was working until I tried equine probiotic. It has cleared almost completely and I have confidence that in another week or so it should be gone. I would highly recommend this to others. Very happy customer thank you

Thanks for your review Wendy. We would love to hear the outcome if you want to email me on sales@equinecareprobiotic.com. It can take time especially when the pathogenic microbes are well established and not keen to move on!

Rowena Hayes Hayes
Mud fever

Used this product and as promised the scabs fell off in around 7 days. Definitely recommend.

Thanks for your review Rowena. Glad it helped with the mud fever or rain scald. Certainly beats picking them off for you and your horse.

Yolanda Knapp
Probiotic for Horses

Great product, it has healed up fast and well, easy to use.

Thanks for your review Yolande...glad to hear it's helped.

charlotte richards
Equine Probiotic

I was very pleased with the results from Equine Probiotic, my horses had serious rain scold on his legs and this has really cleared it up. It's easy to apply, doesn't require any picking off ofscabs and he legs have definitely improved .

Thanks for your review Charlotte. Yes, we agree, removing scabs isn't fun for anyone involved.