EquineCare Probiotic for Horses 500ml

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EquineCare Probiotic is a topical spray for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions caused by mud fever and rain scald. The spray aids treatment by introducing billions of beneficial microbes that outcompete the pathogens causing the condition. It needs to be sprayed daily (if possible) until the infection is cleared.

We recommend the 500ml if treating a smaller fungal or bacterial infection or thrush. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jenny Green

Great product, my horses mud fever now totally under control.

Hi Jenny...glad to hear your horse is a lot better. Thanks Donna

Awesome Product

I've been battling mudfever on one of my horses legs for a while, and had tried so many products but nothing seemed to work. I decided to try this and was blown away by how well it worked,
it made all the scabs fall off in a couple of days. This will now be the go to product for his mudfever in the future.

Thanks for your rewiew Pamela...glad to hear it has helped with the mudfever. Good to use as a preventative or at the first sign if it reappears (hopefully it won't but all it can take is a break in the skin). Thanks Donna

Good Stuff!

Seems to be healing rain rot around my horse’s fetlocks. Treating seedy toe with it on both my ponies as well. I think it’s a very good product and just purchased a bigger bottle for future use. Cheers

Hi Kathryn

Thanks for your review. Glad to hear it is helping with the fetlocks. Always good to have a bottle on hand for preventative use and treatment.

Donna and ECP team.

Kriste Denize
Must have product

This is a fantastic product. Its my go to product for any skin issues and foot issues and see results within a day of using. This winter, spring has been an exceptionally bad season for skin issues coming out of know where and this works a treat. Tried so many products for mud fever and nothing compares to this product.

Thanks for your review Kriste. Really happy it has helped get through the wet winter and spring. Best thing is that it's actually good for your horses too.

Natalie Aebersold
Mini with rainscald

Cleared it up in a week!

Thanks for your review Natalie...glad it helped your mini so quickly.