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Dealing with rain scald

Rain scald and mud fever are a lot easier to deal with if you catch them early on. Running your hands over your horses body may alert you to these conditions before they are easily visible, particularly with rain scald. Shane, our company vet, shows you how to spray with our EquineCare Probiotic treatment. Ruby has heard the girls coming down from the arena before we did!

 Get the right dosage rate easily.
Our dual measuring bottles make it easy to add the right amount to your horses feed. Our prebiotic is carbon rich (hence the colour) helping create an environment that the beneficial microbes in our probiotic, flourish in
Keep Your Covers Clean
It's not just the horses that get the treatment!
Pathogenic (disease causing) microbes are opportunistic, lurking in all kinds of places, waiting for a break in the skin of your horse. We spray rugs periodically but especially if your horse has rain scald you are also treating. We also spray hoof picks in between picking hooves if there's any sign of thrush. Everyone loves the taste too so it pays not leave your bottle lying around within easy reach.
Spray or Wipe
Tap is well used to getting sprayed with EquineCare Probiotic. If your horse hates spray bottles with a passion then wiping on with your hand or a sponge or cloth is fine too.
Now that winter seems to have arrived, keeping an eye out for bacterial or fungal infections lurking under rugs is a good idea. If your horse or pony is particularly susceptible then a once or twice weekly spray should keep any nasties at bay.
Seedy Toe
To be effective with seedy toe the beneficial microbes in our product do need access to the pathogens causing the infection.
This can be difficult in seedy toe if it is too far up the hoof wall. As our registration only covers minor skin conditions it is good as a preventative and in the early stages of infection. The condition does need to be pared out by your farrier.
Our vet also suggests soaking cotton wool in the EquineCare Probiotic solution and using this to plug the hole to prevent debris from entering. This can be removed with tweezers and requires changing daily.

Treating Thrush Treating thrush is pretty simple with our spray on formula...the solution easily runs into all the nooks and crannies after picking the hoof out. (It would actually even work without picking out however you would waste a lot of formula...but just saying...lol) (our own video...as a preventative spray weekly and as a treatment spray daily or even twice daily if you can)

Horse doesnt like the spray? 
Spraying on the face can be tricky especially if your horse isn't keen on spray bottles. Untieing first can be a good idea in case of a reaction and keep yourself safe, always.
Lexy is very used to being sprayed with EquineCare probiotic and I find getting the bottle close to her works best. Sponging on or just squirting into your hand are good options too. Or try the wipe on dish wand in the video below
Every horse is unique and you know your horse best so just go with whichever way you are both most comfortable with.