Gut Health

With the huge success of our topical spray we are proud to be able to offer EquineCare Prebiotic and EquineCare Probiotic Gut for your horses/ponies.

The benefits of gut probiotics are well documented. The main goal of using probiotics is to manipulate the microbiome in a healthy way, whether that is on the skin or in the gut. 

Horses are hindgut fermenters, requiring a healthy population of beneficial organisms to help break down fibre and absorb nutrients. The natural environment of the domestic horse has been depleted of microbial diversity through the use of herbicides, pesticides, single grass pastures and fertilization.

Our naturally occurring, soil dwelling, (non freeze dried) liquid beneficial microbes are a proprietory blend perfect for colonising the gut or skin of your horse. For the gut these can be administered on a daily basis or in case of stress from moving, travelling distances or competing at a high level. 

As our prebiotic is a food source for beneficial microbes they need to be in separate bottles until added to your horses feed. Both gut products are in easy to measure dual compartment bottles to ensure you get the correct dosage for your horse or pony.

Our gut products can be used individually but for best results we recommend using together.

Use EquineCare Probiotic to promote and maintain a healthy gut.

  • Provides numerous health benefits
  • Aids immune system functions
  • Reduces flatulence
  • Natural, non-toxic and safe
  • Supports absorption of nutrients.

EquineCare Prebiotic is a food source for the beneficial microbes in your horses gut.

  • Contains trace elements
  • Nutritional supplement to maintain health
  • Natural, non-toxic and safe
  • Carbon source