Rain Scald

Rain Scald, also known as Rain Rot or Equine Dermatitis, is a skin infection horses are susceptible to that causes matted scabbing.

It’s very similar to mud fever, but spread across more of the body, covering the back and rump. It’s most often an issue in wet and warm conditions when the skin can soften, but any break in the skins protective barrier, such as insect bites or a scratch, can allow pathogenic microbes to enter and start an infection.

Be careful not to over-rug your horse and cause excessive sweating.

What Causes Rain Scald?
The infections that cause rain scald are usually bacterial and occasionally fungal. Most often the culprit is Dermatophilus congolensis, a bacterium that thrives in warm, wet conditions. It can enter through tiny cuts and abrasions and general softened skin. It’s usually a mild infection where the horse will lose hair in scabby patches. If it’s found where the saddle sits, you won’t be able to use a saddle until it’s all cleared up. In worse scenarios though, it can lead to a deeper infection.

Treating Rain Scald

Getting things dry is a good step.  Once the conditions have improved, you can begin treatment.

The traditional approach can be a bit uncomfortable. Disinfecting the scabs and removing as many as possible to clean out the wounds. Topical antibiotics and in worse cases, systemic antibiotics are the next step.

There are downsides to this approach, it can be aggravating and painful for your horse and contribute to long term antibiotic resistance.

At EquineCare Probiotic we care, not only about animal health, but their welfare and experience.

We have developed our product to do away with the painful scab picking process and to add beneficial microbes into your equine or livestocks system.

Daily application of EquineCare Probiotic with our easy to apply spray bottle crowds out the “bad guys” that cause infection. It’s also useful for prevention all year round.


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Love this product and how it's all natural. It's worked wonders on rain scald and mud fever on my horse. I love that I can spray it on and leave it. No washing out or leaving medicated shampoo on for recommended wait time which is harder to do in the colder months. Mud fever cleared up within a week and the rain scald started get better within a week also. Highly recommended.