EquineCare Probiotic Complete Care Pack

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Probiotic Care inside and out with our triple pack. EquineCare Gut probiotic, prebiotic and topical spray.

Promote and maintain a healthy and feed the beneficial gut microflora of your equines. Topical spray for minor skin conditions. Save $25.

All of our products are natural, non-toxic and safe to use as a supplement, with many health benefits for your equines, livestock, dogs and domestic pets

EquineCare Gut Probiotic

  • Provides numerous health benefits
  • Aids immune system functions
  • Reduces flatulence
  • Supports absorption of nutrients

EquineCare Gut Prebiotic

  • Contains trace elements
  • Nutritional supplement to maintain health
  • Carbon source
  • Simple additive to feed

EquineCare Probiotic Topical

  • Aids with the treatment of fungal and bacterial minor skin conditions
  • No scab removal is necessary
  • Easy, safe and effective
  • Non-swabbable
  • Just spray on

 Gut prebiotic is a proprietary blend containing approx Silicon 63 ppm, Manganese 12 ppm, Copper 8 ppm, Zinc 7 ppm, Boron 2.2 ppm, Cobalt .73 ppm, Selenium .23 ppm, Molybdenum .12 ppm plus Carbon 4% ppm=parts per million. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

My guy has struggled with itchy skin for years… 3 weeks feeding pre and pro biotic and using the spray and he’s a brand new guy with his hair grown back! Thank you

Thats so great to hear. Thanks for your review and letting us know!

Myra Killick

Hi Team
I recently brought the Complete Care pack for our big TB gelding who had a fungal infection on his face. With the Probiotics in his feed and the spray(on a sponge) for his face. We got it cleared up and hair growth with in 14 days.
Even passed the information on to our vet for her friends horse.
I've been a fan of the spray since we brought the first bottle 5 or so years ago.
Yileen Park

Thanks so much for your review Myra...yes, i remember you were one of our first customers we heard back from. So glad you still love our products.

Ray Johnson

EquineCare Probiotic Complete Care Pack

Janet Pearce
Great products

I've been giving the pre and probiotic to my very itchy horse for 3 weeks and been using the spray as well, I've noticed he's not rubbing himself on the stable door like he does. He's lovely and shinny and just seems alot more comfortable with in himself. Wish I'd learned about this product months ago. It's brilliant.

Thanks for your review Janet. Really happy to hear your boy is more comfortable. Thanks Donna

Kathryn Hall
Sponsorship and gift products

Donna very kindly donated a range of products to our fundraising Showjumping Day for the raffle and a box of hand-out bottles of product. We used these as spot prizes and "unplanned dismount" prizes and they went down a treat. Everyone was given a pamphlet on the product and the introduction to this wonderful product range was exceptionally well received.
Thank you Donna for your support and generosity - the Waiuku Pony Club and its competitors very much appreciate it.
On a personal note I use both the Canine and Equine Care sprays on our dogs and horses and the results speak for themselves. Fabulous products!!
Many thanks again, Kathryn Hall

Thanks Kathryn...glad we could help with the showjumping day and that our product has helped your dogs and horses.