Love this product and how it's all natural. It's worked wonders on rain scald and mud fever on my horse. I love that I can spray it on and leave it. No washing out or leaving medicated shampoo on for recommended wait time which is harder to do in the colder months. Mud fever cleared up within a week and the rain scald started to get better within a week also. Highly recommended.

J Dickson

 This is such is a amazing product, for years we have had ongoing issues with our horse getting minor thrush on her hoofs. In just a month she’s had great frog regrowth and the thrush is gone. I would highly endorse this product. Thanks so much Donna we now have a very happy horse

Michelle Quinn

I’ve used this on minor greasy heel . Great product. Takes all the hard work and stress out of treating greasy heal or Rain scald . No kicking horses, no bandaging, no scrubbing, no washing. Just spray on and watch results . 

Stephanie Wooldridge

We were at a loss of how to help our pony with his minor skin condition, we tried this product and the change in only a few weeks is amazing! He is no longer getting flaky skin everywhere. sooo impressed! we will be using this product for a long time to come. Thank you EquineCare Probiotic!

Marissa June Tregonning

This has to be the best product I have ever come across, I tried everything on my horses back legs, flakey, greasy skin, she had it all year round I have tried so many products but nothing worked, someone suggested this product and Wow!
3rd day in and it was was completely gone, by the 7th day as reccomended beautiful clean legs. Even seedy toe cleared that up Every tack box should have this. It is truly Amazing

Leann Rankin

 Amazing product works well on hooves in winter too


Easy to use and a great easy treatment for rain scald (which helps in winter). Highly recommend.
E Lambert
Amazing brilliant stuff‼️ never had anything work so quickly an effectively 🙏🏻Thank you Kylie Barter Smith
This product is amazing! I cannot recommend highly enough!
Absolutely no fuss to apply and it actually works!
This is now a staple in my tack box❤️
Natalie Cox
This product is amazing. I have used it a number of horses including race horses and it works a treat 👌
Vanessa Kelly
Highly recommend this, has cleared up rainscald and greasy heal quicker then other products. Also added bonus that it doesn’t need washing off. Customer service was also very helpful and quick! Will be buying again
Kari Bolz
Best thing I've found for greasy heal. I use it at work on the racehorses. I've treated 4 different horses and it has worked on all of them. Ten out of ten for this product.
Karyn McDonough
I started using the probiotic spray on my horses mud fever and it’s almost gone his legs are looking amazing. Love this product 😊
Maddy Pryde
So, so helpful! I started seeing results in about 3 days - have been treating for 2 weeks now and my boys greasyheel is almost completely gone! I tried lots of different treatments before this one and have attached photos of different stages the greasyheel went through with all the different medicated ointments and sprays I was using. Cutting all of that out and just using the probiotic spray worked such a treat! You wouldn’t even know he had it now. Thank you so much for such a great product
Kiah Nash
Awesome product! Will definitely buy again! My Qh gelding had rain scald when I first bought him, within weeks it started to heal up amazingly! Now my horse looks healthy & no more patchy spots! His coat looks fantastic! Amazing product! Highly recommend it! 😁💙🐴
Tyler Mckay
My horse hates being sprayed, with a passion. BUT I can spray him with Equine Care Probiotic, he’s even happy to have his face sprayed with it!! It heals quickly and has great results. We love it!
Vicky Midgley
This product is the best thing I’ve come across in a very long time !!! I can’t thank you guys enough my spunky man is healing and will be back at it in no time thanks to equinecare probiotic spray !!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
Nicole Marama Riini
110% the best and only product that worked a miracle on my horses rain scald wouldn’t bother with any other product purely because I saw results within 3 days !!
Till Cordwell
What an amazing product! My boy had mud fever & after trying vet prescribed antifungal cream with little success purchased EquineCare Probiotic & I was so surprised at how easy the care was, just simple spray on & let it do it's thing. 3 weeks later it totally cleared up. A holistic approach but very effective. This will be a staple in my tack room
Tanya Lewis
Such a great product. Easy to use, smells great and heals fast! Everything from rainscald to mud. Even able to use it on my cat
Alisha McColl