Why should I use EquineCare Probiotic?

Our product is safe, non-toxic and totally natural. As it poses no risk to your horse, you or the environment it is an excellent option for minor skin abnormalities and preventative care.

How do I apply EquineCare Probiotic?

Our product comes in an easy to use spray bottle. Simply remove as much mud as is comfortable for your horse then spray down the affected area thoroughly, twice a day initially, if possible. Continue daily until condition has cleared.

A huge benefit is there is no need to remove scabs with our treatment. The live organisms will penetrate any scabbing, and scabs will fall off naturally as healing occurs. So your horse stays comfortable throughout treatment.
If your horse has a dislike of spray bottles, a sponge or cloth can be used in it's place. We have found using this applicator ( from the supermarket ) makes it easy to apply where you need it.

Is it suitable for foals, the elderly and immunocompromised horses?

Yes! As our formula only introduces “good guys” into the horse’s system it is perfectly safe for horses of any age and health level.

Can I use it with other topical products?

We do not recommend it. Most other topical products are antibacterial or antifungal and will indiscriminately kill off both bad bugs and our good microbes. For best results use only EquineCare Probiotic for the duration of treatment.

What size do I need ?

Our spray bottles come in two sizes, a 500ml and a 1lt. If you’ve caught an infection in the early stages or if the infected area is small, you may only need a 500ml bottle. A 1lt bottle may be required for minor mud fever, if you’re looking at a widespread minor infection such as rain scald or as a preventative across the body or if you’re looking to treat multiple horses.

What does Mud Fever look like?

In the early stages it may look like a mild dermatitis, with reddening and swelling of the back of the pastern. Hind limbs are most commonly involved but all four limbs can be susceptible. As it progresses numerous scabs and crusts will form, causing hair to mat. If allowed to continue to fester it can travel up the leg and eventually lead to lameness.  View our information about Mud Fever

What does Rain Scald Look like?

Mild cases involve just a few flat scabs with matted hair. In severe cases the scabs will be numerous with the coat over the back and rump feeling hard and painful. Beneath the scabs if they’re removed, the flesh is moist and raw.

View our information about Rain Scald

Both of these conditions tend to come from the same bacterium, most commonly Dermatophilus Congolensis.

Does EquineCare Probiotic have an expiry date?

Because it contains live micro-organisms, our formula has a shelf life of 12 months, to ensure it remains at optimum efficacy. Beyond this point, it will still work but get less potent over time.

Are CanineCare Probiotic and EquineCare Probiotic the same formula?

Yes, both are the same so if you already have a bottle of EquineCare Probiotic you can use this to treat your dog and vice versa. CanineCare Probiotic is also available in a smaller size more suited to dogs.


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Love this product and how it's all natural. It's worked wonders on rain scald and mud fever on my horse. I love that I can spray it on and leave it. No washing out or leaving medicated shampoo on for recommended wait time which is harder to do in the colder months. Mud fever cleared up within a week and the rain scald started get better within a week also. Highly recommended.