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Photo: Donna and Tussock

Two months after this year's Kaimanawa muster, Tussock is starting to gain trust. He belongs to our associate Tash who spends lots of time with him, patiently teaching him domestication. He has a good mate from a muster two years ago who is helping him as well.

Meet Donna

Donna Massey grew up in an animal loving family with a wide variety of pets. This upbringing led to her brother becoming a vet and her own household containing many four legged friends. She currently shares her home in South Head with 7 horses, 3 dogs, 12 chickens a cat and 2 rabbits (plus some people...lol) Her fascination with microbial organisms, in particular, probiotics is more recent. Donna loves the natural way of healing that beneficial microbes offer. In this day and age of toxins, biocides and antibiotic resistance, having a safe and effective solution is reassuring.

Along with animals, Donna is also fond of people so she'll be more than happy to talk you through any concerns or queries about your animal and using EquineCare Probiotic.



Photo: Shane Massey - Raglan Vet Clinic

From early childhood the only thing Shane wanted to do was become a vet. He studied Veterinary medicine at Massey University and achieved his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree.

Meet Shane

In January 1995 Shane began his vet career at the Raglan vet clinic working with a wide range of animals including cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep and deer.

The small seaside town of Raglan with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere appealed to Shane and he decided to put down roots there. 27 years on Shane is still employed in the same practice and has become well respected in the township and surrounding rural district for his dedication to and compassion for the animals under his care. Shane remains a mixed practice veterinarian but has a particular interest in dogs and horses.

As well as a strong polo community the Raglan area provides Shane with exposure to many different equine disciplines including eventing, hunting, hacking and stock horses.

After years of frustration in dealing with skin conditions in horses Shane was initially somewhat sceptical when introduced to EquineCare Probiotic by his sister Donna. This skepticism didn't last long as Shane trialed the product with impressive results. 

Shane now has no hesitation in recommending EquineCare probiotic to any equine client dealing with mudfever, rain scald and various other skin maladies.