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EquineCare Probiotic 500ml

EquineCare Probiotic is a topical spray for minor bacterial and fungal skin conditions caused by mud fever and rain scald. The spray aids treatment by introducing billions of beneficial microbes that outcompete the pathogens causing the condition. It needs to be sprayed daily (if possible) until the infection is cleared.

We recommend the 500ml if treating a smaller fungal or bacterial infection or thrush. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Morcom
It`s the best !

I have an older horse with Cushings Disease and he struggles with winter weather here in Golden Bay. This is the 2cd year I have used the Probiotic spray with amazing results noted within a 1-2 weeks. So easy to apply and no need to cause your horse any discomfort trying to clean or remove scabs from the affected area. This is the only product you will need to have on hand for mudfever/greasey heel. The team at EquineCare was so helpful and supportive. A big Thankyou from Kim and Hazel my horse

Hi Kim...thanks so much for your review. We are really happy we could help Hazel especially with her Cushings disease as well. Her immune system may be compromised so our spray will give her the extra boost she needs to get on top of minor skin conditions.

My horse is so happy

I am so happy with this product and the amazing service! I have tried everything to clear my clydesdales thrush in all four of his hooves, for around 2 years, including help from my vets. Still the treatments required wrapping and consistent work but this product is by far the easiest and fastest acting thrush treatment I have come across and I 100% back it! Thank you so very much I will never need to worry about my big boys hooves again!!